My favorite dentist in Whitefield. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. V Ravinder and this practice. Office is very clean, staff is attentive and everyone is nice. Very professional and excellent work.
Sudha Sharma
Very good. Have been to other dentists in Bangalore but he is best of the lot. He does what he says he going to do and remembers everything from last visit.
Ria Popat
Very well informed, courteous and skilful. Good pleasent ambience. The choice of reading material is excellent. Could provide latest editions of reading material.
Sudha Sharma
We consulted doctor for my 9 years old son. We consulted him 4 years back and he still remember the case history. He is a very good consultant, gives lot of comfort to the kid with the way he treat.
Pankaj Prasad
The experience was very good, the doctor explained clearly about the procedure required, and cleared our doubts. We wanted to avoid surgery which was suggested by another doctor. We were adviced to go for frenectomy to reduce the gab between the front two teeth. We needed an opinion from an expert in this field and were convinced that a surgery is not required.
Aditya Shelat
Went there for my 5 year old. She was very nice with my kid. He was scared at first by seeing all those chairs and all. (this was his first time) but she handled him very well and showed him her toy room and then he was ready to show his tooth to her. overall she is very good.
Sachin Madathil
Explained the issues in detail and recommended not to over-worry and spend money if its not adding value. Showed the results to expect.
Debeesantosh prakash
Very Good Doc. Definitely recommend without second thought. Root Canal Treatment is very reliable with absolute patience by dotor Ravinder
kalyan yalamarthi
It was an amazing experience. Doctor Nikhar is very caring and a perfectionist!!! Her work is very gentle, she would ensure that patients are first utmost comfortable before starting any procedure. Perfect doctor to go to.
Aadi gupta
Dr Ravinder is very professional and courteous, he explained the full procedure in detail, both upper and lower removed within 15 mins.
Priya Ambestha
She was so professional polite and explained everything really well and the whole procedure of the filling was simply painless.
Mrs. Mahana